Contact Info

Project Owner and Chief Executive

Mr. Walter Waddamba Manana


  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honors from Makerere
    University (MUK) in 1985.
  • From a prominent family, with excellent ties to local government,
    law makers, ministers and the legal Fraternity.
  • Has been involved in environmental activism, promoting tree
    planting and land conservation.
  • Has been a donor of tree seedlings to households in Sironko
    District since 2017.
  • Taken a proactive role in providing education and healthcare for
    the underprivileged and Poor.
  • Engaged in land lobbying with communities and established a
    few community forests in Uganda.
  • Worked with 1MTN experts from Estonia on negotiations of lands
    for carbon bamboo forests in Uganda from 2020 to 2022.