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Consultant Forestry

Mr. Bueno Dickens Sande

  • 23 years in forestry and agriculture value-chains,
    including management, coordination, and
    implementation of NRM programs.
  • 15 years of experience in NRM economic valuation and
    agribusiness for policy and decision-making.
  • 10 years in addressing climate change and low carbon
    development issues affecting growth, poverty
    reduction, and gender equality.
  • 7 years skilled in Environmental and Social Impact
    Assessment (ESIA), monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of
    NRM programs, and NbS for climate change.
  • Managed NRM projects funded by major international
    bodies such as USAID, World Bank, EU, UN, FAO, WFP,
    DFID, and more.
  • Experienced in multi-level project design, M&E, capacity
    building, research, and team leadership at national and
    international levels.