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Long -term Forestry Investments in Uganda for Carbon Credits and Local Economic Opportunities

Allways Green
About us

Allways Group Uganda

Allways Group Ltd was established on July 9, 2013, and includes General
Trading, Procurement, and Logistics alongside its subsidiary, Allways Environmental Services Limited, which focuses on environmental service consultancy and oil waste management.
In 2015, the company expanded into climate change activism,
supplementing its oil waste management efforts. This expansion involved acquiring land in Western Uganda, gaining environmental
approvals, and initiating a partnership with CNOC Enertech, a Chinese firm.
By 2022, Allways Group collaborated with climate change experts from 1MTN, Estonia, focusing on tree planting projects for carbon credits in Uganda. This effort marked the initiation of the significant Lamwo 50,000 Ha project.
The Lamwo project, steered by Allways Group’s forestry and climate
change experts, aims to secure land for large-scale forest projects that generate carbon credits and benefit local communities. Named
“ALLWAYS GREEN, ” it highlights the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability and community development 

Areas of Expertise

Biodiversity Conservation

We specialize in conserving and restoring biodiverse ecosystems

Community Engagement and Capacity Building

We excel in community-centric approaches...

Innovative Technologies

We harness advanced technologies such as GIS, remote sensing, and mobile...

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

We are committed to climate change mitigation...

Core values

Environmental Stewardship

We are dedicated to safeguarding and rejuvenating natural ecosystems, recognizing the interdependence of all living beings and promoting responsible resource management.


We nurture partnerships and cooperation with governmental agencies, NGOs, academic institutions, communities, and businesses to amplify our impact and leverage collective expertise.

Community Empowerment

We believe in the potential of local communities to drive positive change. We prioritize inclusivity, participation, and ownership in all our projects.


We embrace innovative approaches, cutting-edge technologies, and creative solutions to tackle intricate environmental and social challenges.


We aspire to be Uganda's premier company in forestry and timber production, distinguished by our commitment to enhancing shareholder value and adhering to the highest sustainability standards.
We are dedicated to fostering environmental and social development benefits, supported by our passionate and resolute team.
We aim to generate thousands of employment opportunities, providing training and education to empower our employees ' families, thereby improving their quality of life and building a brighter future for their children.

Our Mission

In Lamwo Northern Uganda our mission is to develop and manage 50,000 hectares of world-class, cost-effective forestry plantations, producing high-quality nuts, wood, utility poles, premium plywood, and biomass in accordance with Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.
We are committed to sustainable practices that deliver significant environmental, social, and economic benefits to the local communities we serve.

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Faq Image

What we stand For

High Ethically correct business operations are our foundation. What we are and what we stand for. High Integrity standards are at the core of what helps us to build high levels of trust and be highly respected among all our business relationships. We do what we say. Our reputation is our most important asset.

In all our businesses we aim to create lasting value for our customers, suppliers, service users and the communities among whom we operate. We stock high quality products and services at very competitive prices and provide for value creation in our corporate responsibility activities.

We are because of our customers’ need. Without our customer’s support we are irrelevant. Hence, every action we take is aimed at doing the best job for our customers – both external and internal. We place our customer’s needs at the centre of all our product stocking, services and business processes.

Collaborating with our customers and suppliers to provide the best solutions to our customer’s needs and meet their satisfaction beyond expectation.


What we do


Allways Group Logistics Services is a national leader in customs clearing and forwarding, licensed by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)


Allways Environmental Services Limited (AESL) has developed a wide range of technologies for waste treatment and final disposal.

Oil & Gas

O&G Drilling Products - E.Africa regional agents for world re-known, manufacturers, stockists,distributors of oil well drilling products


Alpha Minerals and Power Ltd (AMP) is into manufacturing and is setting up a steel sheet, nails and pipes factory in the Jinja region in Uganda



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